Fashionably Feisty during the Winter

Cladding in the dreary winter is no easy feat, especially when the aim is to keep thermal warm and still look cool. Survive the winter in style; yes, you can. Just explore the fabulous array of warm Western outfits and go cold confident with this wintry mixes.

Tweed dress:

Tweed dress

Appear seasonally appropriate with this woven dress. This is a classic fabric that will have you look nothing but elegant. The pencil design can suit you up professionally or you can opt for the flair tweed for casual occasions.


tuxedo dress

The tux can sure cut across gender. It is a perfect formal garb for women. The top has buttons and looks like a blazer. A body hugging skirt complements this look. Damp you cliché trench coat and embrace this razor sharp design.

Flare dress:

Flare dress

Flatter your body with flare dress. This dress fits at the waist and flares down to the knee. It can be worn on both casual as well as formal functions. The flare does not lie; all body shapes look marvelous in it. Just ensure you throw in heels if you have plum legs.

Cape velvety dress:

Cape velvety dress

The wonders of capes gracefully flowing down your body like puffy hoods say a lot about your sophistication. These dresses are best worn at parties. They have an aura of affluence that can get you modeling on the red carpet.



Go casual in denims and corduroy with stylish bibs attached to the trouser. Dungarees are a plus especially if you are pregnant during the winter season.

Layered dress:

Layered dress

Party with the sheer fabric or lace layered dress. You can overlap the fabrics on silk or velvet costumes with front or side slits. You can even add contrasting layers for a youthful pretty look.

Knitted a line dress:

Knitted a line dress

Try a retro knit A-line dress, which has a narrow top, and flares towards the hem. This look is fancy for all occasions.  

Popover warm dress:

Popover warm dress

Whatever you figure, flaunt in this dress that extensively pops out at the top. Pick a fabric that is warm to make you feel cozy.

Long sweater:

Long sweater

Embrace the knitted wear in either loose or figure hugging and stretchable designs. Throw in a statement belt around the waist and rock in high boots for a perfect modish look. These signature look is comfortable and ideal while traveling and shopping.

Warm caftan dress:

Warm caftan dress

Clinch the feeling of the Indian maxi caftan dress that is loose fitting with flared sleeves. Adorn this with snug leggings or palazzo. Enjoy this comfort on a casual day out.

Trench coat dress:

Trench coat dress

The trench coat is an old favorite. It always looks awesome with high neck t-shirts. The huge buttons design is ideal without a belt, but you can belt up if you have the collars flowing to your waist, bringing out a fashion icon out of you.

Warm and velvety sheath dress:

Warm and velvety sheath dress

This can be an unadorned plain dress that falls relatively below knee length and it is best worn at formal meetings. You can have this in floral print for a casual look.

Full sleeves shimmery party gowns:

shimmery party gowns

Adorn this gown in versatile designs for formal or steamy looks. Just ensure you keep thermal warm.

Suggestion – To stay warm and look best, invest in a few pairs of stylish leather high heels or wedges to embellish your winter appearance.

No doubt, you can still command a sophisticated look during the winter. All you have to do is search the Western garment trend by brand, style, size or price. The online shops facilitate you with plenty of websites to find the product of your choice at your own comfort. With these tips, make no winter mess of you looks.