Vivacious Attire Transformed into Eco Chic Elegance

Fashion aficionadas turned fashion designers is unerringly the tale of Thasneem Masood and Adveta Dwivedi after their tryst with working together in a clothing line years ago. The two young zealous fashion fanatics were too resolute to set up their own brand with its operations in Dubai and Chennai. This was, however, not to be just any brand, but a sustainable fashion brand with an aim of reducing textile waste. Thasneem creatively oversees the operations and design of their sustainable brand from Vepery, Chennai while Dwivedi superbly takes charge of online sales marketing and branding from Dubai.

True, sustainable style is possible via the ingenious transformation of the apparel, footwear and home textile industry. Thasneem and Adveta have made a strong commitment to protect the environment. “The fashion industry is currently one of the most polluting industries in the world and 350,000 tones of used clothes go to landfills, while 95 per cent of these discarded clothes can be recycled or up-cycled,” said Thasneem Masood, co founder of Rossbelle, a city-based eco-friendly clothing brand. “We are not just about creating beautiful clothes, but also enabling our customers to make empowered choices and helping create a long-term lifestyle solution for them,” she added. Suffice to say that Thasneem and Adveta are making killer clothes that actually do not kill the environment.

Fashion aficionados launch sustainable clothing

Time is of the essence in redeeming the environment and conserving its resources and rather than whine I am sure, you would be interested to note that the duo recently held a first-of-its-kind event in the city dubbed ‘Swap your clothes’, an initiative to promote sustainability, where people exchanged their old wearable clothes, shoes and accessories with each other. The ones that could not be exchanged were set aside for recycling. Isn’t it lovely to own that friend’s dress that you so much fancy since it simply can no longer fit them? Sustainable it is actually.

“Being in this industry and with the rising concern about its impact on the environment, we regard it as our Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure maximum recycling and up-cycling of discarded clothes.” said co-founder Adveta Dwivedi.  “This is an opportunity to show the world the causes and efforts that should be celebrated as we move towards a sustainable future.”

The understated elegance of sustainable style brought to life from dead stock, repurpose vintage clothes and organic fabrics is sure to launch its home linen collection soon, which will be available online at Asos marketplace and Shopgoodcloth.

“It is our duty to create clothes with a low carbon footprint. We are doing our best to ensure that,” said Thasneem.

While I still think that being naked is the one most sustainable option, you can still dress in eco chic trend from Rossbelle’s collection because Mother Nature is a woman.