How To Properly Take Care Of Gold Jewelery

Buying gold jewellery is only the start. You basically go online and you look for the options available in great stores like Trollbeads, buy your items, get them home and you expect everything to be over in terms of taking care of the items. There is this general belief that there is no need to take care of gold jewellery since it is practically timeless. While it is completely true that gold can last forever, it does not mean that you will not need to be really careful with maintenance.

How To Clean Gold Jewellery

The most common option that is chosen by people is to buy a special gold cleaning professional solution that is designed especially for this purpose. Obviously, it is a great opportunity but if you do want to save some cash, you can go for the homemade opportunity.

You will want to mix 10 parts warm water and 2 parts regular dish soap. You would then put the jewellery in it and let it soak for around three hours. After that, scrub with the use of a clean, soft toothbrush. Such a method can also work wonders with diamonds. When you are done, rinse with the use of hot water.

At the end of the process, take a microfiber cloth and polish the jewellery. Make sure that you repeat this entire cleaning process whenever it is needed. Gold cannot actually be over-cleaned so do not worry about that.

How To Maintain Gold Jewellery

Maintaining your gold jewellery is really important. We recommend that you always take the items that you have to a good jeweller in order to have them checked for parts that are loose. That is definitely one thing that many do not do. If you do decide to travel to the store, do have a steam job done so that you can make the items shinier.

How To Properly Take Care Of Gold Jewelery

How To Store Gold Jewellery

Always make sure that the gold jewellery is the last item that you will put on when you get dressed. It is also the first item you want to take off when you go to bed. That basically helps in making sure that the necklace will not be covered with perfume and that the earrings will not be caught in clothes. If you want to prevent tangles and scratches you want to separate the pieces on trays that are velvet lined. Store gold jewellery in special compartments inside jewellery boxes. Alternatively, you could use zippered plastic bags if you believe that they are better for you.


Obviously, taking care of gold jewellery is a lot simpler than many believed but it is important to pay attention to this fact. In many situations we are faced with problems because of improper storage. While you can take care of scratches, it is much more important to avoid them from the start. Have patience and do take the necessary time to properly maintain your gold jewellery. Having proper cleaning solutions at home can help a lot.