How to Get Longer Looking Legs

Some lucky ladies are already in possession of model-esque and super long legs, but the ones that are not blessed with the long stems always wonder how to get longer looking legs to wear the outfits that they always dream wearing of. Such ladies should not worry at all because you would be surprised to find that there are some very simple tricks and tips that can make an amazing difference in the way your legs appear. You should not lose hope and try out these fashion tips that can help you take your short legs up a notch.

Wear heels

This is a very common and a very obvious trick that you can try for your short legs. Wearing heels can help you elongate your short legs a bit. This does not directly mean that your closet should only consist of 6-inch and sky-high heels. You can even try wearing heels that or 2 to 3 inches high as they are also helpful in giving your legs a leaner and longer look.

How to Get Longer Looking Legs

Go for shoes in neutral colors

Women always tend to be fond of wearing shoes that are brightly colored, but those possessing short legs should go for shoes in neutral colors. Shoes in neutral colors that match the skin tone help in rendering a longer look to your legs as they create an appearance where the heels disappear into the legs, making the legs look leaner and longer. For example, if you wear a black pant, try wearing black booties in three to four inches as they will make your legs look longer.


If you want your legs to appear longer always try opting for high—rise jeans or high-waisted skirt. These styles help you in creating a waist that looks higher and this automatically gives an illusion of legs that look longer. Luckily, ladies have wide choices available in high-waisted pants and skirts that are just perfect for getting those long legs.


Fortunately enough, for ladies monochromatic look is in and it will definitely make your legs appear longer. Wearing one0colored outfit top to bottom with help in extending your silhouette rendering your legs a look that is runaway-ready. The darker is the outfit that you wear, the longer will your legs appear.

Bronzed beauty

Try getting some extra glow as this will make your stems look leaner and longer. Give your legs a bronzed finish by using a self-tanner or a highlighter. A bronzed finish to the legs will make them look longer.

Try wearing short dresses

It is quite obvious that the more legs you expose, the longer they will look. Go for higher hemlines keeping them tasteful at the same time as this will definitely work in your favor. You can also choose to wear pencil skirts because they are slimming. They also start at the ribs, making it easier for you to get longer looking legs by tucking your shirt in. These are some fashion tips that will definitely work for you if you wonder how to get longer looking legs.