How to Dress Up in Pretty White Tops

White is a very popular color and dressing up in pretty white tops will definitely work your way during the summer season. White colored tops are recommended during the summers as they help in keeping your body and well ventilated. You can even choose to wear the white tops in cotton because cotton gives your skin the freedom to breathe and even does not irritate the skin when it turns moist due to sweat. However, there are some very important factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing to wear white tops during the summer season.

Wear underclothing with white tops

There are women who are conscious about wearing white tops because of the fabric that might be transparent. If you are the one suffering from the same problem, then the best way you can overcome this problem is by wearing under clothing. Try wearing an underclothing that completely matches up with your skin tone. Select underclothing shades slightly different from white like the light shades of orange, gray and yellow and even crème. An underclothing in a different color than white helps in creating a mask that prevents anything from being transparent.

How to Dress Up in Pretty White Tops

Try contrasting your white top with different colors

When you choose to wear a white top, try testing your look by teaming the white top with a turquoise colored skirt. Choose a more bright and vibrant color to match up with your white top. Your white top might look faded after a few washes. It is also imperative that you bleach your top to make it look new and fresh. The best way you can keep up with the white color of your top is by soaking it in lemon juice and then drying it in the sun. Lemon juice acts in the form of natural bleach and it makes your white top look bright and crisp once again.

Coordinate rightly

Your white top will turn unflattering if you do not take enough time and try coordinating correctly. Many times, you might not be comfortable wearing a white top because of some problematic areas of your body. If your hip is a problem, then you can wear your white top with a bottom in a different color. The same thing goes for the thighs as well. Try using your white top sparingly if your weight is the problem. This is because white makes your body appear bigger and fuller than it is in reality.

Try accessorizing

White tops for women look great and even more beautiful when they are worn in the right manner. You can always accessorize your white top with eye shadow, white nail polish and a long pearl necklace. You can also take help from the fashion magazines that will be of great help in making you decide on the accessories that will go best with your white top. You can even choose to wear pretty white tops possessing special messages and certain things written about yourself as they look very trendy.