Winter 2015 Streetwear Trends

Winter is pretty much upon us, so it is time to look at the streetwear trends for winter 2015. Here are the trends we have seen reflected across the main streetwear lookbooks.

Welcome to the 70s

As you will see, many of the trends are going to take us back in time to the 70s. You can see this retro trend in everyman’s fashion sector, including streetwear.

Hip-hop styles are not back, but some of the famous logos are there in the Crooks and Castles range of sweatshirts. You can also see the 70s influence in the HUF Nagel range. The design of which was inspired by the iconic artwork of the American artist Patrick Nagel, who was responsible, amongst other things, for the iconic artwork on Duran Duran’s Rio LP and numerous pieces of work for Rolling Stone and Playboy magazines.

Back to their roots

Most streetwear designers have gone back to their roots for their winter 2015 collections. HUF have drawn heavily on the look of the California surfers, and The Hundreds have taken a similar approach but have added re-designed workwear into the mix too.

This winter many streetwear designers have added traditional favourites like varsity jackets to their collection, but sweats and t-shirts are still at the core of most streetwear collections. The fact that many of the coats for winter 2015 are relatively light means that dressing in layers is essential, which is one reason t-shirts are also an important element of most designers’ winter collections.

Winter 2015 Streetwear Trends

Time for wider legs

After a couple of seasons of skinny and slim cuts, the wider cut appears to be back, much to the relief of those of us with knock-knees. Straight trousers and jeans are set to be the most popular cut for winter 2015. Work trousers also feature in many streetwear ranges.

The simpler the better

For men’s clothing, most of the cuts and lines for the remainder of 2015 and 2016 are going to be crisp and clean. You will see this sleeker, simpler look reflected across the board from formal to casual. Just look at the new Brixton clothing range and you will see what we mean.

Grey stays and black is back

Most Brixton hats UK wearers opted for greythis summer. This is because for men’s fashion, grey has been the predominant colour for 2015. During the winter, grey is going to remain popular, but the monochrome look is set to take over gradually. Expect to see black trousers paired with white shirts or tee shirts with grey trainers, caps and hats featuring bold logos.

Bombers and parkas are in again

When it comes to jackets, streetwear designers have really mixed things up. There is just about every style of coat or jacket you can think of out there with most collections featuring at least six different styles of jacket.

Retro jackets and coats like parka and bomber jackets are available from HUF and The Hundreds. Military style jackets pop up in the HUF collection and in the lookbooks of several other streetwear designers.

Insulated check shirts

Insulated shirts paired with jeans or work style trousers are also set to be popular this winter. Most of the streetwear collections we have reviewed feature them. The majority are in muted colours with old school, retro check patterns.

It is noticeable how varied this year’s collections are. There are items drawn from all kinds of styles and several eras, but, surprisingly, it all works well together and these varied collections still stay true to the streetwear style.