The Embodiment of True Love

Engagement rings psyche you up as you embark on the next crucial chapter in your life together. Felicitations on taking that bold step. The contemporary bride may not be beholden to sartorial traditions, but one detail for all eternity remains the same-diamonds. Breathtaking, that is how they should be described. Brilliantly capture the perfect expression of your lasting love with unique heirloom-quality pieces that are as radiant as your one and only. Let me inspire you with engagement ring designs from the classic diamond solitaire to contemporary ring styles with conventional round or princess-cut diamonds, glistening bridal sets, shimmering halo-framed asscher, marquis or cushion-cut diamonds, beautiful clusters or meaningful three-stone halo gem looks that will be exceptionally stunning from across a crowded room.

Truly Topaz:

Truly Topaz diamondExpress you passion and promise of true love with this amazing jewel. The topaz is a birthstone gem for the month of November and thus on high demand now. This diamond can be layered on a spectacular gold chime that will strike an emblematic sign of love. You most definitely want to impress your loved one this season with such a beautiful masterpiece of an engagement ring.

The Sapphire Grandeur:

Sapphire Grandeur ringThis magnificent stone is at stake for the truly elegant ladies who do not shy away from color. Sapphire blue blends well with silver or rose gold. It is vivid for the diamond aficionados. You will want to pass down this ring for generations despite how less sartorial the generations may become. This ring can still look trendy in vintage silver and is definitely worth investing in its value.

The Oval Opal:

The Oval OpalIf you have big taste for sizeable rings, then do not shy away from the Opal. This is an exclusive piece that is shimmery in cream, rose and turquoise splendor; all blended in an uneven wavy glamour that commands a statement look on your finger. The opal can be adorned with clear diamonds on its oval edges to reveal a brilliant scintillation.


PenyardThis is a magnificent piece of impeccable luminosity. A perfectly saturated emerald green stone is surrounded by a halo of ten colored rocks mounted on a cherry blossom loop. Why wear one color of metal on your finger when you can wear them all? Customarily, engagement rings have always been made up of one metal type, either yellow or white gold, or platinum, albeit the Penyard brings a dazzling rainbow of high quality stones making it highly valued, weighty and shapely. This is a most definitely sought after gem by collectors and might still be in the next billion years if it happens to be unearthed once in auctions.

Argyle Pink Diamonds:

Argyle Pink DiamondsCelebrate the past, present, and future of your love with this beautifully handcrafted ring, cut with unrivaled devotion and technical precision by unwavering artistic passion culminating in an iconic style that sparkles like no other. This ring most definitely plays a big role in shaping the world’s greatest love story that is of you and your betrothed. The three stones can be shaped in different designs to achieve the true meaning of you love story. It is basically emblematic in epic engagements that result in bridal stories.

Ruby with Halo Pearls:

Ruby with Halo PearlsThe ruby is the finest engagement stone of all time. Its beauty can be embellished with the most desirous halo pearls to create a pleasant surprise for your engagement. This dazzling piece will provoke racing pulses in your loved one to utter a ‘Yes’. You do not want to neglect this option.

Find happiness in these collections of engagement rings and make it worthy of an elegant proposal.