10+ Shell Necklace Ideas

Seashell necklaces are beautiful pieces of ornament, and they could serve as beautiful reminders of a prodigious time you spent in the beach or during vacation. You could also present them away as heart touching gifts, or sell them in a market or local craft fair. Because of so many different types of shells, every necklace will be special, and will possess a personal touch. Remember to remove only the empty shells away from the beach for using in your collections of jewelry making.

Shell Necklaces for GuysShell Necklaces for Guys

Shell Necklaces for Guys

It is a genuine and beautiful puka shell necklace. Being hand-crafted by natural shells, this type of necklace would bring delight for the guys to wear in all occasion.

Big Shell NecklacesBig Shell Necklaces

Big Shell Necklaces

Of course this big shell necklaces may be worn to dinner or work or any other occasion you like. This piece is definitely stunning and will be a true eye catcher.

Shell Necklace BeadsShell Necklace Beads

Shell Necklace Beads

shell necklace beads should be large enough for inserting the threads. However, there are many sizes available ranging from 1 cm to 10 cm.

Shell Button NecklacesShell Button Necklaces

Shell Button Necklaces

Exquisite jewelry need not be made from gold or decorated with diamonds, rubies and other precious stone. You may craft beautiful pieces of ornaments just with a sea shell.

Shell Necklace with Black CordShell Necklace with Black Cord

Shell Necklace with Black Cord

The black cords in the sea shell necklaces gives a nice embossing effect to the beads making them more attractive. These cords are so flexible and strong as well.

Shell Necklace ChokerShell Necklace Choker

Shell Necklace Choker

Each shell choker comes along with a sliding beads clasp that makes it easily adjustable till 15 inches. It is a great gifting idea as well.

Shell Chip NecklacesShell Chip Necklaces

Shell Chip Necklaces

It is a beautiful unisex necklace made of shell chips plus silver metal beads. Every single chip is different in shape, color, and size, which makes these necklaces one of a kind!

Shell Necklace DecorationShell Necklace Decoration

Shell Necklace Decoration

Shell necklaces can be made more beautiful by appending other decorative materials like feathers, jingles, crochets or even precious gems.

Shell Engraved NecklaceShell Engraved Necklace

Shell Engraved Necklace

These engraved necklaces come under the personalized gifts category especially for your loved ones. You can emboss whichever name you like.

Gold Shell NecklaceGold Shell Necklace

Gold Shell Necklace

If you are a nature lover but do not want to wear those cheap shells, here are the golden shell pendants which are available at less weight and low cost when comparable with other designs.

Shell Gemstone NecklaceShell Gemstone Necklace

Shell Gemstone Necklace

The combination of precious gems and natural shells gives a classic look during parties and wedding. It will give a cozy look in spite of your costume.

Sunrise Shell NecklacesSunrise Shell Necklaces

Sunrise Shell Necklaces

This is a sunrise shell necklace connected with14kt Gold chain, a fresh Pearl and a starfish drop. You can make this on your own or else they are readily available in seashore shops.

Shell Necklace HolderShell Necklace Holder

Shell Necklace Holder

You can now organize your precious shell necklaces with a rotating necklace holder. They can hold up to 15 necklaces so that you easily choose one when you are in hurry.