5 Low-Lying Heels

Sometimes women need to compromise style for practicality and comfort. What about getting both at the same time? Most of the women prefer wearing high heels because of fashion and style. High heels are considered to be very sleek and therefore most of the women choose high heels upon low-lying heels. But nowadays there are low-lying heels available that serve to be very stylish and at the same time comfortable. At present, low heels have become as chic as the high heels and a lot of women are found trending on the low heels. For those who are not comfortable with high heels, the 5 low-lying heels with their descriptions have been discussed below.

Low-Lying Heels

1. Jeweled Heel from Urban Outfitters

The jeweled heel from Urban Outfitters is completely low heeled and the heel possessed by this shoe sparkles like jewels. The shoe is made from vegan leather and the heel of this shoe possesses a detailing that is blinged out at the back. This shoe also consists of an ankle strap that is buckled for secure and perfect fit. It is very easy to clean this shoe because it is made of plastic, mixed metal and polyurethane and it costs only $ 59.

2. Python Wrap Shoes from Pixie Market

These are basically pumps in navy suede along with an ankle wrap that is beige python. These pumps also come with gold buckles that are extraordinarily beautiful and bold. The soles of these pumps are made of pure leather and they consist of a heel that is very comfortable.

3. Leopard Print Heel from Michael Kors

These are very fashionable shoes and bring about great changes in the complete appearance of an individual. They are low profile shoes possessing leopard prints are the best to be worn with the animal printed outfit. The soles of these shoes are made of rubber, they possess a leather lining and the heels are also low lying. They make for perfect shoes that can be worn for parties and cocktails.

4. Patent Pumps from J. Crew

These pumps are classically chic possessing versatile heels and sleek lines. The features of these pumps make them the best heels that can be worn during throughout the day. The upper parts of these pumps are made of patent leather and they also consist of leather lining that make them so very sleek and stylish. These pump shoes are considered to be very comfortable and they can be worn during the winters as well.

5. Synthetic leather Shoes from Zara

The synthetic leather shoes from Zara are considered to be the best among the 5 low-lying heels because they are not only stylish and beautiful but at the same time they possess unmatchable quality and they provide great comfort. These shoes are the best for parties and special occasions because of their look and also because of the material that they are made up of.