The trend of wearing full tracksuits is again coming back as a popular fashion

The use of tracksuits is now no longer restricted in sporting activities only. It has become a popular fashionable outfit among women to showcase personality and elegance in an attractive way. The present fashion trends among women usually focus on the practice of wearing half-tracksuits. But like other fashionable garments of the 90s’, the practice of wearing full tracksuit is again making a steady comeback.

full tracksuits

This trend of wearing full tracksuit was once popularized by leading American personalities like Jenifer Lopez in the music video of Jenny From The Block and also by Melanie C who was commonly known as the Sporty Spice. Now this same cloth is again making headlines in the fashion columns due to the contributions of famous personalities like Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie, Gigi and Bella Hadid. The contribution of Paris Hilton must not be ignored in this context.

It is Paris Hilton who has again brought into focus the trend of wearing full tracksuits. She herself has been able to grab considerable spotlight by showcasing a shiny pink full tracksuit of Juicy Couture. She has also confessed her attachment towards such cloth mainly due to comfort reason in an interview. She is also happy about the comeback of this trend-setting cloth of the 90s. James Hill who is the co-founder of an agency called Good CMPNY is quite optimistic about the popularity of this cloth among men and women.

He is also of the opinion that the cycle of fashion is a continuous process. People who have now started to exhibit interest towards this cloth will automatically shift towards other fashionable attires next time due to the impact of celebrity endorsements and advertisements. Fashion is now entirely focused on personal style rather than gender.