The 1st Windhoek’s Fashion Week Stars with A Splash

Showcasing a wide range of spring and summer clothing, the Windhoek’s 1st fashion week started with a splash. The event gives an opportunity to showcase the latest from the continent and serves as an opportunity for the local models to get more exposure. Presently, the platform showcases a range of creative designs that is not restricted to Namibia but also is a power house for other countries in the continent.

The industry as we know is a multi-million dollar arena where there are a number of buyers as well as investors to leverage from the fashion talent that the city offers. Melissa Poulton who is a well-known designer in Namibia is among the popular faces at the event among others.

Windhoek’s Fashion Week

When asked she quoted that she is loving the place and was busy in adding body paint in her collection. She names it earth and believes that the entire story will be revealed once people see the collection on the ramp. The people who are behind the event include Luis Munana and Kalistu Mokoroli. They had mentioned that one of the hardest things while organizing the event was to select the designers who could give it an edge. As each and every designer has his/her unique style and sense of designing, they had to leave the entire process in the hands of the fashion council of Namibia.

Although the outdoor show that was supposed to kick off the event was spoiled due to bad weather, the organizers promise that the follow up shows will be amazing and leave a great impact.