Parisian Fashion Secrets

Unconquerable is the word underrated from the trendy looks of Parisian fashion lovers. Don’t you just love the designers hailing from France?There is the Big name – Versace, Christian Dior- year on year favorite,the ever blazing-Calvin Klein, the edgy-Ralph Lauren, stylish-Saint Laurent, comfy- Marie Claire, elegant- Vogue and I could go on and on about these fabulous modish trend setters in the global industry, but the point is, Paris is undoubtedly the Fashion Capital of the World.As Coco Chanel would have it, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

The height of seductive sophistication that you will spot on wearing Dior’s knitted coat are vehemently worth a try. Show off your bare shoulders and long neck with its cut edge and deep cleavage.Choose from an array of form fitting designs that suit you and your body shape. You can never go wrong belting up on this design. No wonder Kim Kardashian loves France, especially Paris-the city of love.

cut edge and deep cleavage

Carry off the magnificent deluge of amethyst electro leathers, glitter lurex and couture red from head to toe. Effortlessly make the street your runway and rule your own fashion capital with corseted waist jackets that make you look extremely fetching. Say hello to an explosive silhouette with crochet shawls during the winter that makes you stand out and ignore the seasonally rooted minimalism style of puffy square coats.

glitter lurex dress

Effortlessly welcome a shot of the empire line dresses, which accentuates the bust and the waist. This dress is lovely as it captures all femininity.  The ball dress is one that rocks Paris city only that it is no longer worn at the ball, but in the streets and theatres. It comes with a zipper for a snug fit. Some of them may also have elegant trails, lave, bows, crystals and belts that look very beautiful and a dash of rainbow colors that add an x-factor to the outfit. These fancy ball dresses go well with thin stilettos and other dainty sandals that have diamante settings and a glam of oversized jewel tones.

The one trend I that I do not want to see die is the thigh boot. This is an epic statement that makes you command attention from miles away. Mini dresses and skirts or lengthy fish tops really do great on this modish look. Heels and wedges are classy for this over the knee boot and you can rock them in a wide range of colors; amber and gold are my favorite so you can strut the streets in style.

Do not underestimate the beauty and sassiness of fur coat and sweaters. This is not the typical faux fur jacket. Little touches of it on the neckline, elbows or arms make a stern fashion statement; truly less is more.

Parisian Fashion Secrets

Hide away your flaws and scream for attention in scarves. They can be very handy during this winter season. Try the puffy infinity that almost covers your cheeks in bold colors and make your outfit standout. Slim power coats or waterfall jackets can easily match with these scarves.

You have no idea what miracles the ponchos can do to your outfit this winter season. They flatter every body type and flow freely down your waist. They are ideal when worn with casual leggings and boots. This too is a spot-on look in Paris especially for the youth.

Undeniably,French divas have a classy and fabulous down pat. They are elegant, yet modest; effortless, yet urbane; simple, yet attention grabbing.I told you, you have to be nothing but bold to pull out the enigmatic Parisian designs.