Fabulous Trinkets: The Tragus Phenomenon

Sparkle your body with amazing tragus jewelry and amuse onlookers who cannot bare the pain of getting such an adorable piercing. Tragus piercings are one of the most fashionable trends now. It is an exceptional reserve for those that are striving to be unique and discernible from the rest. The tragus phenomenon is a modern invention without renowned ties to ancient cultures. It is sensitive especially when done on the ear, but tragus jewelry can be worn on many different body types. Let us explore some of the most desirous styles that give you a sweet new look.

Vintage Tragus Stud:

vintage-tragus-studEmbrace the primeval body art with this vintage antique. It is ideal for your ear and very phenomenal since it gives you a wild look, almost gothic. I love this art because having the tragus emblem is associated with feral people and as such, this style perfectly fits the character. Rugged clothing matches well with this design. However, you can be daring and wear it with vintage ball dresses with a modern touch and bring out the ancient charming princess look.

Pearl Tragus:

Pearl TragusTreat your piercing to elegant style with chic pearl tragus bars and balls. This jewelry combines high quality piercing jewelry with designs associated with fine ornaments. No matter the strangeness of the tragus art or its associations with the younger generation, the pearl design on either the balls or bars are perfect for the professional look. They add a beautiful shine and natural luster that gives you a stunning look.

Pearl Heart Belly Button:

Pearl Heart Belly ButtonOne of the tremendous things about the tragus piercing is that they are usually placed perfectly to make a show off cute jewelry. You can wear a pearl heart on your belly button and look gorgeous on a fancy crop top, lace or see-through sheath. You can also adorn your bikini wear with this belly button design and look beach-sexy.

Diamond and Silver Tragus:

Diamond and Silver TragusIf you want to show off your tragus piercing, nothing beats something sparkly. The diamond gem can be mounted as colored on various stud designs. You can have a daisy tragus stud, a red bow tragus stud, a pink star tragus, a golden starfish tragus stud, or a blue butterfly tragus stud mounted on high quality silver, or surgical steel bars that leave your ear looking dashing.

Leave/Feather Tragus Stud:

Feather Tragus StudAdd a touch of glamour to your outfit with these epic styles. They look so pretty and different from ordinary studs. They can also come in embellishments of various colored diamonds clawed in the leaves that really give you an impressive statement appearance.

Fabulous Emoji Studs:

Fabulous Emoji StudsCharm your ears with fabulous emoji tragus designs. You can pull a like or an all right emoji stud on your tragus and get splendid compliments. This design is perfect in gold or silver stud. It gives you a cool expression and is a favorite for the young pop generation.

Tragus Cuffs:

Tragus CuffsDiscover a completely new way to show off your tragus with jeweled dangles or enamel charms hooked to tragus cuffs. These are classic shapes that bring out a terrific fashion out of you. The labret stems are made soft and comfortable to wear while the dangles and cuffs are made very comfortable. However, you can opt for barbells that can be straight, curved, spiral or circular depending on the tragus art, the aim is to look glamorous on all occasions.

If you happen to fall in the category of the reserved tragus wearers, do not compromise on comfort. Ensure that the length, thickness and material are just right for your trendy look.

…so the message is clear. Charm them with the tragus!